World’s cheapest Air Conditioner!

For a few bucks this guy puts together an air conditioning unit that blows air over ice. We used to use something similar in the back room of a bakery I worked at when it would get sweltering hot.

You could use a plastic bucket instead of course, and come up with a bucket air conditioner!

Along similar lines, a bucket swamp cooler has been invented. Like all swamp coolers they only work in hot, dry climates.

One final way to refrigerate with buckets is with a pot-in-pot refrigerator! It only works with terra cotta though, not plastic. We already tried plastic.

Of course it happens to be WINTER right now for most of my readers (including me) so here’s a way to heat with 5 gallon buckets: 5 gallon rocket stove

Amazing how much climate control you can do with buckets!

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